YapYap Car Rentals (Pty) Ltd

Terms & Conditions

  • The rental amount may differ from the advertised amount due to your personal risk profile,maintenance of a better and/or same credit and repayment profile on application and during the rental contract period and the sucessful securitization of your specified rental contract and/or a tranch of rental contracts.

  • Securitization rates and selection of securitization partners is at the sole discretion of the director(s) of YYCR Car Deals

  • The advertised deal is Rent to Buy option.

  • By continuing to use YYCR Car deals I accept and understand the Terms and Conditions, give concent for a comprehensive credit assesment by YYCR Car Deals and/or their appointed securitization partner, have read the Privacy Policy in this Application, and agree that my ID number and personal information are for use by YYCR Car Deals as indicated in the Privacy Policy.

  • For YYCR Car Deals to begin processing an application, a recorded mandate from the account holder is required. The said recorded mandate would be to deduct the R2000 service fee.

  • Before YYCR Car Deals can start processing the application, a fully comprehensive application form, as well as all supporting documents, must be completely filled in.

  • All Fica/Fais, 3 months bank statements, 3 motnths payslips and proof of residence (bank statements not accepted as proof of residence) should be made privy/known to YYCR Car Deals.

  • There is a 100% refund policy applicable if we do not provide the client with a valid offer within 7-10 business days. Non-acceptance of a valid offer does not constitute a refund.

  • I acknowledge that YapYap Car Rentals (Pty) Ltd supplies me the service to source comperative transactions from various service providers, and are not the end supplier of the vehicle/s.

Privacy Policy

  • Please Note YYCR Car Deals guarantee that we do not share your ID number or personal information.

  • Your ID number and personal information used for sole purpose for the process of this application.

  • We may share information to introduce you to our affiliate products on offer